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Here at Banh Mi Manila

Here at Banh Mi Manila, we do banh mi right. Fresh homemade banh mi bread that's both fluffy inside and delightfully crunchy outside. Add to it the magical trio of homemade chicken liver pate, butter, and refreshing pickled veggies, which blend perfectly with the herbs and meat, packing each bite with so much flavor you're already excited for the next mouthful.

For the Vietnamese, this is what banh mi is. Humble, cheap, readily available anytime and anywhere, yet each crunchy bite can be your journey down memory lane. Be it sentimental or funny, it’ll bring a smile on your face and undoubtedly would make your day better.

Banh mi is everywhere in Vietnam. From the various varieties of banh mi sandwiches, from meatballs to xiu mai, to fish cake, to pork belly, too many to enumerate, banh mi is also paired with all sorts of Vietnamese dishes. From simple roast meats to soups, to stews to dim sum, even to the most intricate and fascinating seafood and snail “oc” dishes, they always come with an option for banh mi.

Tear off a piece of banh mi and dip into that buttery sauce of a dish they call “squid teeth,” or into that lemongrass infused clam soup, or into the coconut milk sauce of that snail dish, or perhaps into something more conventional like Vietnamese beef stew, you’ll realize that that piece of banh mi has absorbed all that makes that dish good and conveniently offers it back to you in one big, messy, and tasty bite.

Discover why banh mi is such a popular and favorite food item in Vietnam, and why so many people are raving about it. Check out Banh Mi Manila's menu and fall in love, as we did, with this amazing Vietnamese dish. Click here:

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