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Who we are

We are a home-based food store that specializes in everything banh mi, plus a few other Vietnamese specialties. Our banh mis are 100% homemade and are meticulously rolled and baked by Vietnamese home-cook mom Ms. Minh Gosiaco. 
Minh came to the Philippines in 2015 after a stroke of luck, or some would say fate, found her sitting next to her husband in a random flight. They both fell in love, and after a year or so of travelling back and forth from the Philippines and Vietnam, they got married, settled down here in Quezon City, and the rest is history.
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Minh has always loved to cook. She would often invite people over for a home cooked meal, and her cooking soon found its way into the hearts of their family and friends. And with their encouragement and support, Minh soon realized what her new calling was; that is to bring and share to the Philippines the food she grew up loving in Vietnam, beginning with banh mi.

Banh mi is an everyday staple in Vietnam, you literally can find it anywhere and anytime in the streets there. And its our earnest wish to share with you the many ways we can enjoy banh mi. Check out our simple menu and fall in love, as we did, with this amazing Vietnamese favorite.

Some Vietnamese dishes by Minh

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